September 26, 2012

Meeting Jung Il Woo in Malaysia 23/9/12

September 23th, 2012 was the day i meet with korean actor
He was model for HOLIKA HOLIKA .. 

it's was the first time he coming here.. IL WOO so friendly with his Fans ^^
i tell you what, He sooooo sweet and handsome

I never no that IL WOO can speak English...hmmm !! hahhaha
after that he signing for the lucky fans!!

that day, we sing Happy Birthday song to him
Firstly we sing Happy Birthday in
Hangul....Second we sing Happy Birthday in English and lastly we sing Happy Birthday in Malay kekeke ^^
He so touching for that, when we sing in Hangul IL WOO give 90 degree bow to us and he smile >.<
when we sing in English he doing same thing when we sing in Hangul to him and lastly
we sing in Malay, we can see that he get weird what kind of song with sing kekeke :P but still he claps his hand and smiling 

Me with my stalker team going to welcome him at KLIA, it's was the last minute plan to welcome him
i get shock when my friend call me, she say "you want welcome him at airport". without thinking i just say yeahh hehehe
while we waiting him, we see the Holika Holika stuff at airport ...... about hour we waiting,suddenly he came out hehehe we suppose to say "Jung IL WOO welcome to Malaysia , Saya CInta padamu"  but we get excited that time we forgot to say kekeke sorry oppa
P.s : sorry for my poor english TEEHEE!!!

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