February 28, 2011

Kim Jung Hoon returned

singer/actor Kim Jung Hoon returned to civilian life on the morning of February 28th.

After greeting his 300 fans, who were cheering and welcoming the star warmly, the newly-discharged serviceman expressed, “Two years ago, when I first entered the military, I did not really feel what was happening. Now that I see all of the fans who have waited for me, I feel a lump in my throat. I completed my service safely, and although there was nothing special as it is something everyone else must do, I hope that my juniors and seniors will remain healthy and do well.”

He added, “I felt the power of girl groups after I entered. In Chulwon, whenever SNSD appears on TV, there’s literally nobody left in the halls. Girl groups are like energizers for soldiers.”

When asked to choose a favorite girl group, he replied, “I like them all.”

Kim, who previously acted in the hit drama “Goong“, went on to state, “I watched ‘Secret Garden’ re-runs over the weekend and felt jealous of those who could act. I really was just jealous over the fact that they were able to act, and I desperately wanted to do so as well. I believe I’ll begin filming for my next drama in late Spring.”

February 23, 2011

How To Meet Guys??

Today i will teach you,how to meet guys
(if you singles and shy around the guys)

  • Think about what kind of guys you want to meet. You'll need to tailor your search to the kind of guys you are interested in, or you won't be compatible with the guys you meet.

  • 2

    Join groups that interest you. There will be plenty of interesting guys to meet and you'll have an instant conversation topic.

  • 3

    Get your friends to set you up. Having a friend in common is a great way to predict that you'll meet great guys. If you're too shy to try a blind date talk a close friend into throwing a dinner party packed with eligible singles.

  • 4

    Be outgoing. There are guys all around you every day. Be brave and introduce yourself when you see someone who interests you. The worst that can happen is having a total stranger say no.

  • 5

    Take a second look at the guys you already know. Someone in a group, your circle of friends, or your office, could be the perfect guy for you. Don't overlook true love just out of habit.

  • Ki Bum always in KISS ME heart !!!

    On Wednesday 23rd Feb 2011
    Kibum explained his decision to leave UKISS

    안녕하세요 유키스 기범
    아니 정확히는 유키스로 활동했던 김기범입니다

    두달을 미루어오다 드디어 용기내어 글을 써내려 가볼까 합니다
    우선 결론부터 말씀드리자면 2011년 2월부로 저는 소속사와
    전속계약을 합의해지 하였습니다

    멤버교체를 원한 소속사와 해지요구에 따라 동의서를
    작성하였으며, 그 날 이후로 유키스가 아니게 되었습니다
    많은 분들이 생각하신 것처럼 피로피로 캐릭터 사업에 몰두하기 위해서...또는 유키스에 흥미가 떨어져서 라는것과는 전혀 다르다고 생각합니다

    유키스를 누구보다 소중하게 생각했으며 피로피로 캐릭터 사업으로 인해 유키스 스케줄에 지장을 준 적 또한 단 한차례도 없다고 자부합니다..
    가족같이 아니 그 이상으로 멤버들을 생각해왔습니다 이렇게 헤어지게 된것이 정말 섭섭한 마음이지만 제가 모자란 부분이 많아 유키스에 교체가 필요할 것이라는 전 소속사의 의견또한 존중하는 바입니다.

    비록 이렇게 어찌보면 일방적으로 헤어지게 되었지만 너무나 많은것을 배울수 있었고 많은 사람들 그리고 유키스 멤버들을 만날 수 있었기에 감사했습니다

    이 몇줄의 글이 그간 저를 사랑해주셨던 분들에게 큰 상처가 될 수도 있다는것에 기분이 착잡합니다.
    한 동안은 개인적으로 방송활동을 이어갈 예정입니다
    제가 어디에 있어도 무엇을 해도 응원해주시는 모든 분들께 감사드리며 방송인이자 사업가인 김기범으로 찾아뵙겠습니다



    “Hello this is U-KISS Kibum, or more specifically, an ex-member of U-KISS, Kim Kibum.

    After two months of delay, I’ve finally plucked up the courage to write this post.

    First off, the agency and I have made an agreement about my exclusive contract on February 2011.

    As the agency desired a member replacement, we wrote out a consent document for a contract dissolution, and from that day on, I became a former member of U-KISS.

    Contrary to what most of you might be thinking, this is unrelated to my Piro Piro business… nor is it about losing interest in U-KISS.

    I always thought importantly of U-KISS more than anyone, and I’m proud to say that not once did my Piro Piro character business impede my schedules with U-KISS..

    I always thought of the members as more than family. I’m extremely upset that I have to part with them like this, but it was because of my lacking areas which warranted my former agency to desire a member replacement.

    I may be leaving on a one-sided decision, however, I was able to learn a lot and meet many people, as well as the U-KISS members.

    My feelings are very mixed up on the thought that the few lines in this message could hurt a lot of people I love.

    I will continue my personal activities on broadcast.

    Thank you to all the people who supported me wherever I was, and I will meet you once again as an entrepreneur,

    Thank you.”

    February 22, 2011

    Kecekalan seorang juara

    petang semalam My parents sampai rumah,terus aku minta surat khabar hari nie..
    aku tk payah nk bli kat kedai surat khabar,my mum dpt free je :P
    tengok kat muka surat dpn sekali,,adoiiiii
    ahli sukan lumba basikal tertusuk kayu trek :(

    sebelum dia tertusuk kayu trek tu,AZIZUL terjatuh bersama pemain2 yang lain walaubagaimana pun cuma AZIZUL saja yg cedera..
    dlm menahan kesakitan AZIZUL bangkit dan meneruskan kayuhan

    begitu kuatnya semangat AZIZUL nie untuk mengarumkan nama
    walaupun dlm kesakitan

    February 19, 2011



    Ticket & category:
    RM150 - show tickets/fm only
    RM250 - fm, handshake, poster & game
    RM450 - fm, autograph, game & group photo
    RM800 - fm, bbq & stay with UKISS (location to b confirmed later for 2d1n stay)

    February 18, 2011

    KimKiBum Ukiss tweet (2/18/2011)

    쪼꼬는 쭌오빠가 조아요 멍멍~
    i cannot translate it
    sorry :(

    JangKeunSuk Asia Tour 2011 Schedule*

    ‎***JangKeunSuk Asia Tour 2011 Schedule***
    Singapore on Apr 23
    HongKong on Apr 30
    Thailand on May 28
    Malaysia on Jun 4
    Shanghai on July 9

    February 17, 2011

    Dalmatian rapper and they abs

    I prefer to Inati abs ^^ (the handsome one ) :P


    i lost some weight for this week
    about 2kg
    hahhahaha~~ Happy gila ^^
    gara gara dah beberapa malam tak melantak nasi malam2~~
    just drink chocolate oat
    and do some exercise sit up dan sewaktu dgn nya

    Jae Joong tweet (2/16/2011)

    MNET’s Best Main Vocalist Poll:
    01 SG WannaBe’s Kim Jin Ho
    02 2NE1′s Bom
    03 SS501′s Young Saeng
    04 DBSK’s Junsu
    05 2pm’s Junsu
    06 Shinee’ Jonghyun
    07 2am’s Jo Kwon
    08 4 Minute’s Ga Yoon
    09 Super Junior’s KRY (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung)
    10 F(X)’s Luna

    Ryeo wook twitter (2/17/2011)

    그렇게 꼭꼭 숨어있던 곳 사진만보면 찾을거같다니까 ㅋㅋ 우린 바보처럼 계속 여길 그냥 지나쳤다구!! ㅜ.ㅜ
    Translate :
    I was hiding I think I would find a picture of me ten thousand look like an idiot stillhere, we just passed it!! .

    Our B2st maknae back to blonde ^^

    suggest ur fan club here..

    Singapore Entertainment Awards hopes to recognise the efforts of supporting fans, thus we will also be giving out an award for the "Best Online Fan Club".

    February 15, 2011

    i'm fans of..... (part 2)


    JEESU have powerful voice
    he also can do 3 octave just like IU do at her MV
    and he has cute smile ^^

    YoungWon the cutie boy in the group
    he not the maknae

    Hoya have similar face with JYJ's JunHo
    he also little quiet

    L.joe has same name with korean famous actor
    Lee Byung Hun
    he kinda strees about that
    L.joe was so charisma want he Rap,L.joe also can being cute

    daesung have sense in Variety show
    he always funny in Variety show
    and daesung mystery member in the group

    MinHwan also a little Rain
    he can plays drum

    D.na/Dae Guk Nam AH/The BOSS
    Hyun Min the charisma boy
    and love hyun min husky voice

    the shy boy in camera
    karam idol was yunho (dbsk)

    i"m fans of.....


    the cutie pie maknae
    yeejun also have sweet smile ^^

    kan has great smile
    and he still my mystery guy


    YongHwa another ullzang face in band
    he great in guitar and rap
    love went yonghwa smile ^^

    Maknae in the group
    MinHyuk also not talkactive person (maybe only in front the camera)
    Minhyuk was second tallest member

    JongHyun second vocalist in the group
    the ullzang face in group..JongHyun not really talkactive

    Seungho the another charisma leader
    A+ (names of Mblaq Fans) called him Panda
    because he has black things under his eyes (dark circle)

    Kevin also the best vocalist in Ukiss
    he born in California,so he can speak in english very well
    he not the sexy or hot boy in group
    kevin was the beautiful boy in the group

    the best vocalist in group
    Soohyun really funny in person,he like to joke althought he was A blood

    kiseop the ullzang (the best face) in the group
    when kiseop first get in Ukiss, Kiseop kinda shy to camera
    and now owhhh kiseop can be gagman LOL :P


    althought changmin not pretty flower boy
    Changmin has his own charming

    JinWoon little maknae
    when he smile..owhhh

    the little Rain
    he has small eyes kinda love it
    he also have sweet smile

    Changmin lovely tall man ^^
    Yunho the serious

    B2ST @ BEAST
    The leader in the group
    he kinda talkactive never stop....hahahaha
    and sometimes he so mean leader

    JUNHyung the another charisma boy
    i love him in "beautiful" MV
    just falling in love with him ^^

    the innocent maknae in the group
    and Dongwoon always respect person that older that him

    The Maknae in the group
    the shy maknae and lovely man


    Minho was Charisma boy that i know

    he has lovely voice~
    love the man with lovely voice

    Ricky Kim

    On May 4, 2009 our beloved korean actor Ricky kim
    married with his Girlfriend Ryu seung Joo,a musical actrees
    she's 4 years older than Ricky Kim....

    around 450 guests attended Ricky Kim and Ryu Seung Ju’s wedding at the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel, Theatre Hall, Seoul.
    They dated for approximately two years, after first meeting while working with Compassion, an international NGO.
    They announced their engagement last month after dating for 2 years

    Ricky Kim has revealed that he’ll be a father!
    Kim commented, “I’m still so young, but being able to be a father feels just like a dream. I’ve always dreamed of starting a family and becoming a father, but to have that dream realized is really amazing. I put my hand on my wife’s belly and try to communicate with the child. The child sometimes even kicks me with his foot, it’s very cool.”
    and on February 10th, he announced that his wife, the music actress Ryu Seung Joo, has recently given birth to a baby girl.

    Congratulations Ricky Kim ^^

    lama sungguhhhhh........

    dah lama tak type apa apa kat blog nie ^^
    tk ada news yg menarik kot
    but anyway stay tuned je la
    maybe kembali active nnti

    Dalmatian comeback february 2011 ^^


    Kinda love this New MV,really colourful ^^
    and Dalmatian Hairstyle Daebak and cool

    February 9, 2011

    Super Show 3 in Malaysia info


    Super Show 3 - The Third Asia Tour
    Date: SAT 19 March 2011
    Time: 6 PM
    Venue: Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil

    Rock Pitt RM 480
    Terrace Seats RM 480
    Balcony Seats RM 350
    Partial Restricted View RM 220

    Launch of Ticket Sale Event for Super Junior's SUPER SHOW 3 in Kuala Lumpur

    Venue: Sungei Wang Mall
    Date: 19th February 2011
    Time: 10 AM - 10 PM